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woman with low back pain.
How can PT help a herniated disc heal quickly?

May 3rd, 2024

Herniated discs can be an incredibly painful and challenging issue to deal with. The pain can range from mild to severe and can have a […]

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tendinitis of elbow
4 symptoms of tendinitis of the elbow

February 5th, 2024

Tendinitis is a condition characterized by irritation and inflammation around a tendon in the body after injury. The injuries that lead to tendinitis most often […]

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PT Board Exam
6 steps to take to find a job after your PT board exam

November 2nd, 2023

You’ve passed your PT board exam and obtained your license. Now, after all your hard work and dedication, it’s time to land that first position […]

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sharp pain in arch of foot when walking
What causes a sharp pain in the arch of the foot when walking?

October 11th, 2023

Sharp pain in the arch of your foot can seriously put a damper on your daily activities. It can be tough to walk, run and […]

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5 Top Hand Occupational Therapy Exercises to Recover | Excel Rehab & Sports
5 top hand therapy exercises your recovery could include

September 19th, 2023

Hand pain can have a significant impact on daily life. For many, hand therapy treatment can offer major relief. Effective care strategies can help whether […]

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Top 7 Instances a Functional Capacity Evaluation Can Benefit You | Excel Rehab & Sports
Top 7 instances a functional capacity evaluation can benefit you

September 5th, 2023

Need to ensure that your physical abilities can match the demands of your job and other daily activities? A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) could be […]

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Collaborative physical therapy approach to maximize recovery
Physical Therapy: Could it be your pathway to recovery?

May 1st, 2023

Excel Rehab & Sports is proud to be included in this issue of Health Links Upstate. Written by Janet E Perrigo, this article talks about […]

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Shining a New Light on Road Cycling Safety.

October 10th, 2022

PT Product Spotlight by David Bright, PT, MPT, COMT, SFMA and Chief of Physical Therapy Cycling, whether it be road, gravel, or mountain is an […]

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Top 7 Instances a Functional Capacity Evaluation Can Benefit You | Excel Rehab & Sports
Do you need a referral for physical therapy in South Carolina?

August 25th, 2022

Since it varies from state to state, most people aren’t sure if they need a physician’s referral to get treatment at a physical therapy clinic. […]

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3 solid reasons a physical therapy clinic is where you should go for your back pain

June 14th, 2022

Back pain is a very common health problem within the U.S. According to research conducted by Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, about 65 million people […]

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