The 3 most common football shoulder injuries (and how to deal with them)

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In the United States, there are an estimated 1.5 million people who actively play football. About 1.2 million people become injured as a result of this sport every year. Of this staggering number, shoulder injuries are one of the most commonly seen types in football players. For more information about specific types of shoulder injuries that are most commonly experienced in this sport, read below. 

What are some of the most common football-related shoulder injuries?

  • Rotator cuff injuries Rotator cuff injuries are common in football players. In the rotator cuff, there are several tendons. These tendons can become stretched past their normal limit when athletes make movements that aren’t within their body’s normal range. When the ligaments in the shoulder rub against these tendons, pain and inflammation can occur.
  • Tendinitis Tendinitis of the shoulder is often a result of overuse. Football players frequently use their shoulders to perform the same repetitive movements during games, and this can cause tendons to become inflamed and painful. 
  • Dislocations Sudden abnormal movements or collisions can cause the ball of the shoulder to become removed from the joint. Impact to the shoulder from a rough tackle or the wrong overhead throw can cause a serious dislocation.If you’re a football player, you know that playing football with shoulder injuries can be frustrating and painful. Here’s how you can deal with them.

How can you deal with football-related shoulder injuries?

  • Physical therapy care — Physical, occupational or an upper extremity therapy specialists are excellent treatment resources for football players with injuries. These therapy professionals found in rehabilitation and sports clinics are knowledgeable and experienced in all kinds of sports injuries and how to treat them quickly and as painlessly as possible. They can help break up scar tissue from older injuries for better mobility, increase flexibility and range of motion, build strength in the shoulder and surrounding muscles, and much more.
  • Fitting, protective gear Ensuring that, as a player, you have gear that is best fitted to you is one way to help prevent future injury to an affected area. This method is best supplemented with rehabilitation in a clinic but is just as important.

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