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Your needs have defined our patient-centered approach to therapy from day one. Sharing knowledge is central to that mission and our promise that you are not alone. We created our educational resources with your health in mind and a genuine desire to cover essential health and wellness related topics to support you and your family. We hope the information you discover will empower you, answer questions, and help you to make more informed choices. Please contact us with have questions about our content or to request information on a specific topic.

PFM Segment | Injury Prevention & Strength Training

No CommentsMay 10th, 2021///

Jeremy Shook, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT & Chief Of Physical Therapy is joined by Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT, OCS to discuss common running injuries seen […]

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RUNNING: Choosing The Right Plan

No CommentsApril 30th, 2021///

At least 60% of running injuries are due to training errors – Not shoes, mechanics, form, or any of those things we so often blame […]

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ASK A PT! Headaches, Can PT Help?

No CommentsFebruary 15th, 2021///

Q. Is PT something that could help with frequent headaches? A: Absolutely. Physical therapy, specifically, skilled manual therapy, has proven to effectively diagnose and treat many […]

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Is There a Correct Way to Get Out of A Chair?

No CommentsFebruary 8th, 2021///

Standing up from a chair is something we do every day. If you are healthy, injured, or aging, Stefanie Davis, PT, DPT demonstrates three tips […]

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Posture 911!

No CommentsJanuary 27th, 2021///

Today, your posture is at risk more than ever and can lead to painful consequences that we want to help you avoid. In this video, […]

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Exercise & The Immune System Interview

No CommentsDecember 15th, 2020///

Exercise can play a vital role in keeping you healthy during COVID and the winter months! Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT, and Jeremy Shook, PT, DPT, […]

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Jump Performance & Injury Prevention

No CommentsNovember 26th, 2020///

Do you ever wonder how to add power to your jump and prevent injury in the process? Lauren Hertzler, PT, DPT will take you through […]

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Therapeutic Dry Needling

No CommentsOctober 29th, 2020///

Therapeutic Dry Needling [TDN] – Dry needling involves the use of thin filament needles in a targeted area to release tight muscles, increase blood flow, and […]

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When Choosing A Physical Therapy Provider, You Are Also Choosing their People

No CommentsOctober 23rd, 2020///

The person treating you is as important as qualifications. Having a Patient First mission is foundational to the therapists and staff that we hire and […]

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Which Hand Should I Use With A Cane?

No CommentsOctober 18th, 2020///

Stephanie Davis, PT, DPT, Clinical Director of Physical Therapy – Seneca, demonstrates how to get the most out of a cane! If you are in […]

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