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Positive Moves For 2022

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If your 2021 turned out to be another challenging year mentally and or physically, it’s time to get back to the basics and make some […]

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Can Physical Therapy Improve Your Sports Performance?

No CommentsOctober 25th, 2021///

Jon Alexander, PT, MPT, and Physical Therapy Clinical Director- Easley, SC, had the privilege of working with this talented young hockey player through various injuries, […]

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Physical Therapy Reconditioning Restores

No CommentsAugust 26th, 2021///

DECONDITIONING CAN HAVE DEVASTATING LONG TERM EFFECTS Patients suffering from deconditioning and subject to general weakness, pain, and dysfunction due to aging, injury, surgical procedures, […]

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No CommentsAugust 16th, 2021///

Research shows that more than one out of four older Americans, ages 65 and above, experience a fall each year, and 3 million older people […]

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RUNNING: Choosing The Right Plan

No CommentsApril 30th, 2021///

At least 60% of running injuries are due to training errors – Not shoes, mechanics, form, or any of those things we so often blame […]

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ASK A PT! Headaches, Can PT Help?

No CommentsFebruary 15th, 2021///

Q. Is PT something that could help with frequent headaches? A: Absolutely. Physical therapy, specifically, skilled manual therapy, has proven to effectively diagnose and treat many […]

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Therapeutic Dry Needling

No CommentsOctober 29th, 2020///

Therapeutic Dry Needling [TDN] – Dry needling involves the use of thin filament needles in a targeted area to release tight muscles, increase blood flow, and […]

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Ask A PT! Osgood-Schlatter

No CommentsAugust 1st, 2020///

Q: My son was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease. Can PT help? A: Osgood-Schlatter’s disease is an overload condition where the growth plate under the patellar tendon […]

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Ask A PT! Shoulder Pain

No CommentsJune 11th, 2020///

Q: I was “sleeping funny” and noticed shoulder and arm pain. Can PT help?  A: Physical therapy can be very effective with shoulder pain & stiffness. PT […]

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How Can Physical Therapy Help Postpartum?

No CommentsMay 14th, 2020///

The body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy, leading to discomfort and abnormal movement patterns and postures postpartum. Common challenges after delivery include diastasis recti (separation […]

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