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Is There a Correct Way to Get Out of A Chair?

No CommentsFebruary 8th, 2021///

Standing up from a chair is something we do every day. If you are healthy, injured, or aging, Stefanie Davis, PT, DPT demonstrates three tips […]

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Posture 911!

No CommentsJanuary 27th, 2021///

Today, your posture is at risk more than ever and can lead to painful consequences that we want to help you avoid. In this video, […]

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Jump Performance & Injury Prevention

No CommentsNovember 26th, 2020///

Do you ever wonder how to add power to your jump and prevent injury in the process? Lauren Hertzler, PT, DPT will take you through […]

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Which Hand Should I Use With A Cane?

No CommentsOctober 18th, 2020///

Stephanie Davis, PT, DPT, Clinical Director of Physical Therapy – Seneca, demonstrates how to get the most out of a cane! If you are in […]

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Is Physical Therapy Important For A Hamstring Strain?

No CommentsSeptember 18th, 2020///

One-third of hamstring injuries recur within the first year of the initial injury. Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT explores how a physical therapist would approach, analyze, […]

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Exercise and the Immune System

No CommentsSeptember 5th, 2020///

Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT, explains the science behind exercise and the immune system. Discover how exercise can help you stay healthy during COVID -19 restrictions, […]

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Ask a PT! Frozen Shoulder

No CommentsJuly 31st, 2020///

Frozen shoulder can occur in many ways – following an injury, surgery, or no injury at all. Jeremy Shook, PT, DPT, COMT, OCS, answers questions […]

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Ask A PT! Shin Splints

No CommentsJuly 23rd, 2020///

Typically, shin splints can occur as a result of overtraining. Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT, explains what to do to avoid this type of injury and […]

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PreRun Dynamic Stretching

No CommentsJune 18th, 2020///

Wherever you find yourself in your quest for running performance, running is a sport we can enjoy at all fitness levels. Stephanie Davis, PT, DPT, […]

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Athletic Conditioning At Home

No CommentsMay 25th, 2020///

During COVID or anytime, if you find yourself at home more often than not and would like to start an exercise program that works at […]

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