What causes a sharp pain in the arch of the foot when walking?

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Sharp pain in the arch of your foot can seriously put a damper on your daily activities. It can be tough to walk, run and even stand when you frequently experience this type of foot pain. The arch of your foot holds a lot of your body’s weight, and when your arches experience enough strain, they can quickly become painful to put weight on. 

Many people experience foot pain during their lifetimes. In fact, around 87% of adults in the U.S. will experience pain in their feet at some point during their lives. When you don’t know the cause of your foot pain, finding relief can feel impossible. Fortunately, you can learn more about possible causes and beneficial treatments for sharp pain in the arch of your foot that occurs when walking by reading here.

What are some possible causes of sharp pain in the arch of your foot when you walk?

If you’re unsure what the cause of that sharp pain in the arch of your foot when you’re walking is, be sure to read through a few of the possibilities here. If any of these causes seems like something you may be dealing with, be sure to contact a physical therapist. They’ll be able to determine the root cause of your pain and how best to treat it. 

  • Plantar fasciitis — When the band of tissue located at the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed, the result is plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia connects the heel to the toes and can become swollen and painful as a result of frequent tension and strain. Plantar fasciitis can cause sharp pain in the arch of your foot or in your heel, especially when you first get up to walk after being off your feet for a while.

  • Peroneal tendinitis — When the tendons that connect the muscles in your leg to your outer foot, called the peroneal tendons, become overworked or injured, peroneal tendinitis is the result. Peroneal tendinitis can cause sharp pain at the arch of the foot when walking, instability, and swelling.

  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction — Another possible cause of sharp pain in the arch of the foot when walking is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). This condition, also known as acquired adult flatfoot, is a relatively common cause of foot pain. It occurs when the tendon in the arch of the foot begins to collapse, whether from excessive strain, overuse or injury.

  • Bone spurs — Bone spurs are small deposits of extra bone growth, typically found on the ends of bones. Bone spurs can form on the bottom of the heel, the joints in the foot, the toes, and the middle of the foot. Typically, when they occur in the middle of the foot, they can lead to sharp pain in the arch that occurs when walking.

  • Bone fractures — A fracture in the foot bone, whether caused by overuse or traumatic injury, can cause sharp pain in the arch. Walking on a fractured foot bone can cause pain, especially if left untreated.

What can physical therapy do for sharp pain in the arch of your foot when you walk?

You shouldn’t have to struggle through your pain. A physical therapist can help you so that you can walk more comfortably. If you’ve never visited with a physical therapist before, here’s what you can expect during treatment for the sharp pain in the arch of your foot:

  • Reducing your foot pain — One of the primary benefits of physical therapy for sharp pain in the arch of your foot is that it can help reduce that pain when you walk. Physical therapists have an arsenal of techniques and treatments they can use to reduce inflammation and promote healing, like manual therapy and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).

  • Teaching you how to make changes to your lifestyle — Physical therapists can also teach patients about the changes they can make to their lifestyles so that they can improve their physical condition. Examples of such adjustments include wearing more supportive footwear and increasing physical activity.

Which specific techniques can a physical therapist use to treat sharp pain in the arch of your foot?

As mentioned above, physical therapists have a variety of techniques at their disposal to treat sharp pain in the arch of the foot. These are a few of the most common:

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