PFM Segment | Surgery Delay? Physical Therapy Can Help!

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David Bright PT, MPT, COMT, SFMA & Chief Of Physical Therapy, and host Nonna Carlson, share insight on orthopedic pain and ways to bridge the gap when elective surgery due to COVID and other factors is delayed. Since last year, we have seen the effects that inactivity has had on those sick and well. We want to assure our communities that, regardless of condition, resources are within reach to help you manage pain until you schedule the procedure.

David shares ideas on simple steps you can take to help you manage pain, combat functional decline, and how a physical or occupational therapist can help you properly develop strength to prepare for what’s next – surgery and beyond. 

In this short 5 minute podcast recording, David answers these questions and more! 

1. How loss of function and strength is more profound by doing nothing. 

2. What long-term physical effects occur when normal activities and surgeries are interrupted? 

3. Why do we need to work alongside your physician to help you prepare for an upcoming surgery?


We have locations in South Carolina – Easley, Clemson and Seneca and in Chattanooga, Tennessee – Hixson, Northshore and E. Brainerd. If we can answer any questions or if you would like to schedule and appointment, contact us through our website Or you may call us directly: SC 864.654.2001 TN 423.254.5461.

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