PFM Segment | Surgery Delay? Is Exercise Enough?

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David Bright joins host Nonna Carlson to talk about orthopedic pain and what you can do if your surgery is delayed. IS EXERCISE ENOUGH? is the question we are exploring in Part Two of our series.

If you face delayed elective surgery and are experiencing pain, movement limitations, or discomfort, being prepared with what you should do next is vital for your short and long-term recovery. Talking with a physical therapist is essential in understanding whether or not you are helping or hurting your condition with the exercises you are integrating into your exercise regimen. Physical therapists are musculoskeletal and movement experts and they have a keen understanding and a background in pathology. Training in this area gives them unique insight into how to approach an injury with purpose.

David Bright, Chief of Physical Therapy in South Carolina, explores some of the questions and challenges patients face when deciding how to confront pain and injury – especially when surgery is weeks or months away. David shares answers to questions you should explore and why thinking through these is essential to your recovery. 

  • Do I push through or avoid this type of exercise?
  • Am I experiencing increased levels of anxiety and stress? Why is it important to be aware of this?
  • What type of treatment should I be looking for to reduce pain and increase chances for recovery once the surgery is an option?


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