Positive Moves For 2022

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If your 2021 turned out to be another challenging year mentally and or physically, it’s time to get back to the basics and make some positive moves in 2022 – more sleep, nutrition, and physical activity.

Sleep: Aim to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, starting your bedtime routine with relaxing activities like reading, journaling, coloring, yoga, or listening to meditation to help your body unwind. Set your room temperature between 60 and 67 F and begin shutting down electronics 30 min to an hour before bedtime. 


A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits, such as reducing your risk of several chronic diseases and keeping your body healthy.

Start with a few more minor changes to your diet, and it will be more manageable. According to a Healthline.com article, experts suggest a few easy ways to improve your nutritional intake: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/healthy-eating-tips

Physical activity: Make physical activity more enjoyable by choosing activities you like and are excited to do. Moving your body through walking, yoga, or low-impact exercises is just as beneficial for your mental and physical health.

The benefits of movement

There is no magical formula or effective exercise – all types of movement are beneficial for our bodies and minds. 

        1. Releases endorphins and helps relieve stress
        2. Allows us to take a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities
        3. Helps emotions move through our bodies
        4. Provides an outlet for self-expression
        5. Strengthens the connection we have with our bodies

Movement is a coping mechanism for all abilities, ages, and fitness levels. It promotes social interaction and helps to connect you with other like-minded individuals.

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