How will a functional capacity evaluation determine if you’re ready to return to work?

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Work injuries are actually pretty common. According to information provided by the National Safety Council, almost every 7 seconds a worker becomes injured on the job. Work injuries are problematic, especially at this rate, because they take away valuable hours on the job. 

If you or someone you know has gotten injured on the job, it can be tricky to know when you’re able to start working again. However, a trained physical therapy specialist can help through functional capacity evaluation. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways that a functional capacity evaluation can help determine how soon you’re able to return to work.

3 ways a functional capacity evaluation helps determine if someone is ready to return to work after an injury

  • Strength —  A physical therapist may test your strength to see how much weight you are capable of lifting or holding. This is meant to simulate the workplace where you could be required to lift or hold heavy objects.
  • Carrying capacity — Similar to the strength eval, this test is designed to determine how much you will be able to carry in the workplace after your injury, and if your carrying capacity has returned enough to its original state.
  • Stamina — Stamina testing is another part of the evaluation process. A physical therapist will ideally see how much physical activity you can withstand while using the injured area.

The types of exercises your physical therapist may use during the evaluation may depend on the kind of job you have. But overall, a functional capacity evaluation is an effective way to determine if someone is ready to return to work after an injury. For more information on what this type of evaluation entails, read here.

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