What is backward disequilibrium and what can you do about it?

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Backward disequilibrium (BD) is a disorder involving posture, in which a person (who is most often an older adult) experiences distorted perception. It affects their balance, vision and vertical posture. This disorder can make moving to perform everyday tasks very difficult. It can also significantly increase the risk of falls.

What are some things that can help those with backward disequilibrium?

  • Aligning standing posture — One thing that can help people with this condition is to correct their standing posture. This can be completed through exercises such as standing with your back against a wall and touching your heels against the wall as well.
  • Practicing balance when standing up — For those who wobble and struggle when standing up, doing movements like standing up from a sitting position can be helpful. With guidance from a health care professional, you can strengthen the abdominal muscles to improve balance.
  • Forward and backward stepping — This exercise is designed to help improve gait and gait speed. It should be repeated over numerous practice sessions. With a physical therapist, this activity can be done over several sessions and can include the assistance of walking devices.

Each of these movements or exercises is meant to help train your posture and balance so that you can return to everyday activities with minimal problems. These techniques may be used during physical therapy by a professional to guide you through retraining your posture and balance for improved movement. These exercises can benefit people who hope to improve their mobility for increased independence.

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