4 symptoms of tendinitis of the elbow

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Tendinitis is a condition characterized by irritation and inflammation around a tendon in the body after injury. The injuries that lead to tendinitis most often include stress from repetitive overuse. Activities like carrying heavy objects or typing at a computer can lead to tendinitis. It’s especially common in people with occupations like gardening or assembly line workers. One common type of elbow inflammation, tennis elbow, affects around 1% to 3% of adults in the United States each year. Do you suspect you may be dealing with tendinitis of the elbow? Take a look through the symptoms below. A physical therapist or occupational therapist will be able to treat your elbow, whether you have tendinitis or another condition.

What are the symptoms of tendinitis in the elbow?

Are you familiar with the symptoms of tendinitis in the elbow? Some common symptoms of this condition include:

  • Burning pain around the elbow — One of the top signs of tendinitis in the elbow is burning pain around the elbow. This burning pain is the result of inflammation in the elbow tendons. This pain or discomfort can intensify in the early mornings or at night.

  • Tenderness and sensitivity around the elbow — Another sign of tendinitis in the elbow is increased sensitivity around the area. Someone with inflammation in the elbow may experience extra tenderness or soreness during movement.

  • Stiffness in the elbow — It’s common to experience stiffness when experiencing  inflammation in the elbow. This stiffness is usually the result of inflammation and swelling around the tendon, which can limit mobility. Many people with tendinitis have trouble comfortably moving their elbows due to the swelling and pain.

  • Pain when using the hand to perform certain movements — Several everyday movements, like picking up items or using your hands to grip objects, can be painful with elbow tendinitis. Interestingly, the hand can be affected by an inflamed elbow tendon.

  • Weakness in the arm or hands — Tendinitis in the elbow can also lead to weakness in the arms and hands. This weakness makes lifting heavy objects or using your hands to perform daily functions difficult. Elbow tendinitis can make a person feel as if the strength in their arms and hands has significantly decreased.

What physical or occupational therapy methods can improve the symptoms of tendinitis in the elbow?

Multiple physical or occupational therapy methods can help people experiencing pain from tendinitis. Some of these treatments include:

  • Muscular, nerve and connective tissue assessments — One treatment method to improve tendinitis is tissue assessments. Tissue assessments of the muscles, nerves and connective tissues can help physical or occupational therapists determine any abnormalities in the body and how best to treat them. These assessments are used during initial evaluations to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

  • Hands-on manual therapy — One of the most common types of physical or occupational therapy treatments for tendinitis is manual therapy. During manual therapy, a physical or occupational therapist will use their hands to manipulate the soft tissue for several purposes. These include breaking up dense tissue, decreasing pain, improving range of motion and increasing mobility.

  • Personalized exercise programs — Personalized exercise programs are another tool that physical or occupational therapists often use to address tendinitis. These programs, when focused on the upper extremities, can build strength in the muscles around the elbow tendons to prevent future injury, reduce pain and improve mobility.

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