3 solid reasons a physical therapy clinic is where you should go for your back pain

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You are currently viewing 3 solid reasons a physical therapy clinic is where you should go for your back pain
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Back pain is a very common health problem within the U.S. According to research conducted by Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, about 65 million people in the United States have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. About 16 million of these people experience chronic and debilitating back pain that interferes with their daily lives. If left untreated, the conditions that cause your back pain can become extremely costly to fix. That is why we recommend consulting with a physical therapist at a back pain clinic for help.

3 reasons people should go to a physical therapy clinic for help with their back pain

  1. To find effective pain relief — A physical therapy specialist at a back pain clinic can help you gradually ease your pain through strengthening exercises and guiding movement.
  1. To help prevent further injury — A PT specialist will work with you to strengthen your core muscles. Your back will become stronger and more supported, helping to protect your back from future injury.
  1. To increase balance and coordination — A physical therapist will also encourage you to complete exercises targeted at developing balance and coordination. These exercises can prevent movements that can accidentally pull a muscle or cause injury that could otherwise be prevented.

Physical therapy clinics have proven effective at alleviating back pain. If you are experiencing any back pain, you should consider consulting with a PT specialist today. For more physical therapy benefits, read here.

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