PFM Segment | Injury Prevention & Strength Training

Jeremy Shook, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT & Chief Of Physical Therapy is joined by Austin Kercheville, PT, DPT, OCS to discuss common running injuries seen in new and seasoned runners and how to help prevent injury along the way. We have also included trusted training programs for runners seeking improvement from beginner to marathon.

They will also answer key questions runners may be asking themselves.

  1. How can you train more effectively?
  2. Can I strength train and still improve my running performance?
  3. Can PT help if I have an injury but still want to train?
Training Resources: 
Beginner running resources from Strength Running:

In partnership with WSNW 94.1 The Lake, our Patient First Mission segment is a live radio show that presents information on a wide variety of healthcare and wellness topics that affect our communities.