Top 7 instances a functional capacity evaluation can benefit you

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Need to ensure that your physical abilities can match the demands of your job and other daily activities? A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) could be the answer. These assessments are designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to do specific tasks. The assessment is tailored to each person’s unique needs. This means it takes things like your medical history and workplace responsibilities into account. If you need to make sure your body can perform in a particular sports or work situation, an FCE can play a crucial role. The evaluation is conducted systematically by a trained physical therapist. An FCE can help to determine your rehabilitation progress and answer whether you can work after an injury. In addition to this, an FCE can answer many other vital questions.

Times when a functional capacity evaluation can be beneficial

  • Before starting a physical job — Working at a physically demanding job without preparation can lead to injury. If you are planning to start a physically intense occupation like firefighting or construction work, it can be essential to undergo an FCE. Your functional capacity evaluation can identify potential limitations and pinpoint areas for improvement. This can verify that you are capable of performing the job safely and effectively. By identifying possible risks, you can take necessary precautions. An FCE can help you build a targeted physical therapy treatment plan to reduce the risk of work-related injury.

  • After an injury — According to the CDC, the United States saw 24.8 million physician office visits for unintentional injuries in 2018. Injuries can happen in vehicle accidents, in sports and even at work. Some of these injuries can be debilitating. Getting help after a major injury is important. After receiving immediate medical attention, an FCE can help assess the extent of your injuries. Some jobs may need an FCE to determine whether you can return to work. The evaluation can provide valuable information to support the injury rehabilitation process. This helps to facilitate a safe and timely return to your regular activities.

  • When choosing an exercise program — Comparing different exercise programs? Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a fitness newcomer, an FCE can be beneficial before starting a new exercise routine. The evaluation is designed to help you understand your current physical capabilities. Using the results, you can have your exercise plan tailored accordingly. A gradual, well-balanced fitness program can lower the chances of overexertion and injury.

  • Before surgery — For some surgeries, your odds of success can be dependent on your current physical condition. One study suggests improved fitness before surgery can reduce recovery time and improve quality of life. Prior to surgery, a functional capacity evaluation can help establish your baseline abilities. This has many potential benefits. First, the results can inform you about your risks in receiving surgery. If the surgery does not need to be conducted immediately, you can work to improve your condition beforehand. Understanding pre-surgical functional levels can also help you set realistic rehabilitation goals afterward.

  • In cases of disability evaluation — Insurance companies often require FCEs for disability claims. For individuals with disabilities, an FCE may be necessary to receive adequate support. By assessing functional abilities, an FCE can also help you find suitable work opportunities.

  • For athletic performance enhancement — Ready to improve your athletic abilities? A functional capacity evaluation could be a great next step. An athlete might use an FCE to find areas for improvement before a major event. For example, an FCE can be highly valuable before a triathlon. The results can reveal weaknesses to be addressed. This can allow you to minimize the risk of sports-related injury and optimize your performance.

  • Managing chronic pain — Chronic pain can occur in many different areas of the body. People suffering from chronic pain often do not know the exact cause. Among other benefits, a functional capacity evaluation can shed light on the underlying causes of chronic pain. Identifying pain triggers can help in developing an effective pain management strategy.

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